1. What is the MobileForester? High-tech measuring equipment which is able to measure by remote sensing the tree height, tree diameter, log volume or solid content of the stacked wood. It is able to measure the forest stock inventory and can determine the diameter distribution of the forest site.
  2. Why is it useful? Provides an effective and fast measurement method and produces accurate data in digital form, very easy to use.
  3. Who can use the MobileForester?First of all foresters and wood working experts who would like to make their work easier and more effective. Anybody who would like to measure distance and volume data far from the object.
  4. How can I get a MobileForester? Order on the web site or send an e-mail to the info@mobileforester.com
  5. How much does the MobileForester cost? We can send a personalized price offer looking for the best solution.
  6. Where can I download the application? The apps works only with the adapter; please contact us.
  7. What do I need to use the MobileForester? Mobile phone (minimum Android version 7.0) and the MoblieForester adapter.
  8. Where can I use it? Anywhere in the world, it does not need any network or signal.
  9. What languages are available? Presently in English, Hungarian.
  10. How fast is the measurement with MobileForester compared to manual methods? It is two or three times faster than the traditional methods when you have to get close to a tree. The MobileForester measures remotely; that is why it is significantly faster.