The MobileForester determines the living stock of the forest site quickly, making forest management more efficient and precise. Using a relascope is the most complex task in the forest to determine the living stock of a forest site. The method is similar to the Bitterlich relascope, but the digital technology increases both accuracy and efficiency.
You can enter more species in every measuring point. The device saves and displays data while entering data. This eliminates the need to keep anything in mind during the survey. The zoom function greatly contributes to the accuracy of the measurement, as it makes it easy to decide whether the tree fits the selected bandwidth. The MobileForester offers four bandwidths, which provide greater measurement accuracy in thicker or end-use forest sites. The measuring height is assisted by a built-in leveling.
The average tree height and diameter for the circle measurements can also be entered by measurement or estimation. Canopy coverage is given by estimation. The device shows the direction angle continuously so the area can be traversed according to a set plan The application also allows you to view statistics per measuring point.